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Interdependence in Action! Mask fund for partners

Thank you!

Donate a safety kit, masks, and food to cacao associations and farmers!

Cacao Verapaz is seeking funding to buy COVID-19 kits for each cacao processing association we partner with. If you are looking for a way to help your partners at origin, consider donating to this effort. Kits are 50 dollars each and include alcohol gel, soap, 12 masks, and 12 gloves. These kits are essential to keep working conditions safe at the association level as Guatemala enters its peak harvest season. 

Maya Mountain is seeking funding to equip its 6 staff members and 300 farmers with masks. Belize is in peak harvest, and masks are desperately needed to continue safe buying practices in the field and working conditions at the processing center. 

Follow the link below to submit a donation to these efforts. The first $300 will be used to buy COVID-19 kits for the six associations in Guatemala. The next $1,560 will be used to purchase masks for the Maya Mountain team and farmers within their network. The remaining $240 will be used to purchase additional gloves, hand sanitizer, and cleaning materials for Maya Mountain's facility where they will be accepting cacao deliveries starting this week.

Any remaining funds (yes, you may donate more than our target) will go specifically to the Guatemalan association communities who have been cut off from food supplies and need money for fuel to transport and buy food in Coban, Guatemala.

Fully funded

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