• 70% Dark

  • 70% Single Origin

  • 62% Dark

  • Milk

  • Specialty Bars (spicy chai, potato chip, smoked salt, almond, cacao nib crunch, and more)

Sustainable Organic Chocolate

  • 70% Dark Bars

  • 70% Single Origin Bars

  • 62% Dark Bars

  • Milk Bars

  • Specialty Bars (lemon olive oil, spicy chai, potato chip, smoked salt, turmeric, almond, cacao nib crunch, mint, lemongrass ginger and more)

We are New England-based artisans dedicated to creating exquisite tasting chocolate in small batches from scratch. We do this  by overseeing every step of the production process from sorting cacao beans, roasting, winnowing, grinding, conching, tempering, to tasting! 




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Over twenty chocolate bars to choose from in Milk, Dark, White, Vegan, and specialty chocolate bars


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We teamed up with our friends at Tre Olive, a family olive farm in Italy. The farm has been passed down for many generations - most recently to three brothers and their families. The farm commercially produces olive oil but also grows lemons, oranges, and chile peppers which are not sold commercially. It didn't take long for the brothers to realize they could infuse these ingredients into their olive oil and we could in turn develop an award winning olive oil based chocolate bar.

Tasting Profile:

taste like lemon cake!
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