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What you should know about BOHO Chocolate:

BOHO Chocolate sources organic premium cacao using social, economic, and environmental practices throughout the entire supply chain.

Our chocolate is made from scratch using premium organic cacao beans purchased directly from smallholder farms and cooperatives who are our suppliers. BOHO Chocolate pays an average of $7500-8000 per metric ton (2022) which is more than three times the current commodity price.** 

You benefit by purchasing award-winning chocolate that supports sustainable practices. Each grower, cooperative, producer, and retailer benefits from your supporting bean-to-bar chocolate.  

* 2022 International Chocolate Awards, Winner four silver medals, one bronze

* 2019 Good Food Award Winner, 2019 Academy of Chocolate Awards  Silver and Bronze Medals 

   2018 (7) Academy of Chocolate (UK), Good Food (USA) & International Chocolate Awards with over 1500 bars

   in competition,

** Sept 2022 cacao NY futures price US $2416/ton

My journey started by selling chocolates and confections from a small shop in New England over twenty-five years ago.  Having always wanted to make my own chocolate, I became enamoured with the bean-to-bar manufacturing process and set out to produce, from start to finish, award-winning organic chocolate.  


With no idea how to begin, I booked a flight to South America with a friend, where we met up with the folks from TAZA Chocolate and visited farmers, cooperatives, and local chocolate makers.  I fell in love, and BOHO Chocolate was born.

BOHO is short for Bohemian, which means that we take an organic, artistic, and independent approach to making quality organic chocolate. We derive our ideas and style not from the corporate chocolate industry, but from a broad and diverse group of true artisans whose collective interest in the craft continues to transform how premium chocolate is made.  

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